2017 Festival Poster


Add this 2017 Rainbow Serpent Festival 20 Year Celebration poster to your collection.

Size: 420 x 594mm (A2)


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Congratulations to Germain Rea who won our 2017 poster design competition with this beautiful mandala design.

The design incorporates a simple mandala of the sun, with it’s subtle dancing flames in the background representing the free spirit that Rainbow offers. The sun provides life to almost every living thing on our planet, and is a powerful symbol in many cultures. Every time I go to Rainbow, my favourite thing to do is to watch the sunrise and the sunset, and I know that this is something a lot of our Rainbow brothers and sisters enjoy doing as well. For me personally, every time I watch the sunrise, I am grateful that I am able to live to see another day and to live my life.

You can view more of Germains work on her website here >>